Did you know that the aerospace and military industries are going to prosper?

by Laura C.

published 15 November,2022

Did you know that the aerospace and military industries are going to prosper?

Did you know that from 2023, aerospace and defense will experience the highest growth in ERP software implementation (8.86% from 2014)?

Did you know that with livechat, employees can provide real-time assistance to customers to answer questions, make recommendations and close sales?

Did you know that livechat has many benefits, including reducing cart abandonment?

Did you know that livechat is a popular feature to interact with customers while they shop on your website?

Livechat applications are an increasingly popular addition to many business websites. Like virtually every activity on the Internet, even livechat communication was pumped up by the online era of covid. As long as they are used in the right constellation of people and with the right targeting, they can be a great way to actively engage customers and connect them with business reps while they focus on your product or service.

There are many live chat apps on the market with a wide range of features, from basic chat options to personal product recommendations with by supporting artificial intelligence.

A chatbot doesn't "trade" you a customer yet, not that it can't learn, but it's still a very expensive investment and the current generation of customers will still suffer from an individual approach. We know about it, we often encounter in practice the question: "Are you a human or a robot?"

The world oriented towards CX and the customer journey is sensitive to physical human-to-human contact, nevertheless, chatbots are popular, but their primary task nowadays is still only to not lose the customer immediately upon entering the page.

The manufacturers of livechat applications have many "competitive advantages" in their offers with which they try to attract their customers. If you want to implement and manage the application yourself, we recommend focusing on these basic features that you will definitely need:

  • Quickly accessible knowledge base (information database) with an intuitive structure and the option of simple administration
  • Automatic responders according to conditions for common situations, for example in case of inactivity, notifications of new site visitors, etc
  • Forwarding chats between operators
  • "silent internal" communication between operators
  • Tracking visitors with history
  • Transparent licensing options

According to the site traffic and the time schedule when you want to be online for your visitors, you can easily calculate the basic costs.
By default, if you are a company with an average traffic of up to 500 visits per day, you offer a product for sale and you want to have a live chat online for 8 hours, during normal working hours you need two operators, one active and the other in reserve.
If you want to be online in the evenings or on weekends, you need to have other people to take turns, while two operators must be active online during these working hours.

In the case of a larger website or e-shop, it is strategically and financially more advantageous to hire an agency, which outsources livechat Services. The benefit is that, in addition to communicating with site visitors, agencies can do it for you guarantee the conversion of visitors to leads. They can help you set up your marketing campaign so that the campaign smoothly transitions to the livechat application, be it content in the livechat application, formulating a discussion with the customer, promoting products...
First of all, image and a satisfied visitor to your site are always important. That's exactly how we work with our clients.

On the other hand, livechat is a great option for new or smaller businesses that don't have the budget for paid outsourced chat solution. Its use is not as robust as the paid options in the top list, but it's still worth using the main benefits of livechat.

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